DECOMED Biological Identity

DECOmed’s “machine room” is based in the R&D office which, together with Universities and exclusive Centres of excellence, produces propulsive energy towards innovation in the breast reconstruction field. With us, new ideas become certified products which enter the commercial distribution network to provide the Surgeon with that one shade missing from their colour palette.

70 R&D

Coordinator of more than 70 clinical publications, identifies the scientific rationale that ignites bioinnovation projects.


Developer and holder of 29 patents in the breast reconstruction field. Inventor of the ADM-assisted prepectoral technique.

8 Innovative Products

Braxon®, Braxon®Fast, Masque®, Native®, Native®3D, Nessie®, Nile®, Mom® are only some of the products already in use or that will soon make their entrance in the operating theatres. The future cannot wait.

70 Specialised Representatives

70 qualified professional women and men are happy to provide the Surgeons with technical support and assistance for all those procedures involving our products.


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