19 - 20 April 2024
Rome, Italy

& live streaming HERE

19 - 20 April 2024
Rome, Italy

19 - 20 April 2024
Rome, Italy

19 - 20 April 2024
Rome, Italy

& live streaming HERE

Dear Colleagues and Friends

We are pleased to announce the upcoming 9th International Breast Surgery Workshop and 5th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL. After the pandemic, we are eager to get back to the traditional April time frame of the meeting in Rome where all started 14 years ago, with the added bonus of fewer overlapping congresses and the stunning springtime in the Eternal city.

The conference has an original hybrid format, which we started long before the pandemic, offering flexibility with live debates during session for those who attend in person or comfortable free worldwide virtual participation for those who are unable to join us. Thanks to its presence on YouTube, the conference can be followed or consulted anytime during years, quickly becoming a milestone for regulatory authorities and mandatory to attend. The number of virtual participations and impressions increase by time, with the first 2019 edition achieving the enormous amount of 9,229 virtual participants, while last 2023 edition led to a record of 3,429 virtual participants and 38,690 impressions, by the first month. This makes it an extraordinary opportunity to advance knowledge and connect with leaders in breast surgery as well as top industries.

We also first established a metric system to define the scientific value of the program, by summing the H-index of all speakers. In Houston, an exceptional faculty of experts in breast surgery reached the impressive Total Conference H-index of 1,515, and so far in Rome we can keep the standard by already anticipating a preliminary Total Conference H-index of 1,684

The program will start on Friday April 19th 2024 with the 9th International Breast Surgery Workshop, and will cover advance in breast reconstruction with autologous tissues, including lymphedema treatment, and fat transfer. The second session will highlight the state in breast reduction and matopexy, while the evening sessions will cover advanced the most current prepectoral vs retropectoral implant based breast reconstruction techniques with the aid of ADM. The afternoon session „Cyber Plastic Surgery” will continue the day by introducing you in the future of plastic surgery with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Last session will focus on trends on Aesthetic Breast Augmentation among world experts. 

Saturday April 20th 2024, will begin with a EURAPS session, continuing the topic of Aesthetic Breast Augmentation among EU leaders. The panels will then transition to the 5th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL, with the first session „The Game of Evidence”, focussing on scientific evidences vs non scientific ones. The second session  in the afternnoon will cover the latest data on case tracking, epidemiology and management of BIA-ALCL, and the third session will continue with most accredited BIA-ALCL ethiopathogenetc theories. Will conclude the day the most important session „The Role of Authorities”, where Regulatory Authorities from USA and EU in a round table will discuss their position on BIA-ALCL and eventually any new initiative. Further USA and EU consensus guidelines will be presented, while Leaders from national scientific Plastic Surgery Societies will actively participate to a long question time.

Based on these unique characteristics, we invite you not to miss this unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge advancements and exchange insights in plastic surgery of the breast, fostering innovation and collaboration among world wide most esteemed colleagues. Your active participation in person during discussion and question time will contribute as a key factor to the success of our next meeting, enhancing the overall scientific importance of the conference.
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Prof. Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo & Prof. Mark W. Clemens


Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo,

Professor Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo is considered one of the major world-experts on breast reconstruction with autologous tissues and breast implants technology. He has specifically contributed to the development and affirmation of DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flap procedure, being the first to perform a DIEP flap in Sweden and in Italy back on 1998 and then persisting on a more regular basis with the establishment of the Breast Unit at Sant’Andrea Hospital, having personally performed more than 760 DIEP flap and 2,200 breast reconstruction till nowadays. The technique of using abdominal tissues from the patient itself to reconstruct the breast, has been described first in Sweden – where he started – and later improved in United States and Europe, with Santanelli’s contribute. In the last years he dedicated himself to the understanding and treatment of the most frightening breast implant complication, the BIA-ALCL. He served, as expert member, the Working Group of the Scientific Committee of Health Environment and Emerging Risk (SCHEER) from the European Commission on Health (SANTE-2), and also the AAPS Consensus Panel on Implant Safety and BIA-ALCL. He was EURAPS Secretary General for 7 years term and now is EURAPS President and Chairman of the of the EURAPS Scientific Committee on Device Safety and Development. Professional effort of Professor Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo has produced not only clinical but also scientific results with more than 172 original publications on international and national reviews and 37 chapters on international and national books.
Visit my website: www.DiepFlap.it

Mark W. Clemens,

Serves as the Associate Vice President of Perioperative Services and Professor of Plastic Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. A seasoned and passionate leader who successfully combines health systems thinking, evidence-based action plans, and strong clinical engagement to drive complex organizational change in quality and safety. Serves as a surgeon scientist and content expert on implantable device safety, with research interests in robotic-assisted and microvascular reconstructive surgery, iatrogenic malignancies, and population-health outcomes analysis. Earned roles as a consultant to the US FDA, European Ministry of Health, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Guest lecturer on operating room efficiency and data analytics to Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA. Published over 160 peer-reviewed publications with over 4,000 subsequent citations and lectured in 28 countries worldwide. A dynamic healthcare executive with progressive operations experience and strong relationship builder with the ability to balance strategic decision making, financial stewardship, and a hands-on approach to leadership. Extensive experience in transformational and change leadership for the perioperative space of a 710-bed Academic Medical Center, providing world-class patient experience and operational excellence. Specialties include transformational leadership, surgery, professional development, perioperative services management, strategic planning and innovation, health care finance, quality and safety.


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